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EMS Bike Team

Launched in August of 2023, the Emergency Medical Services Bicycle Unit builds on the City’s efforts to provide preventative emergency services and help residents struggling with substance use get connected to recovery resources. 

The EMS Bicycle Unit operates seasonally in the Downtown area and Trinity Square, Monday through Friday, 12PM-4PM. Firefighters participating in this program are focused on providing preventative emergency services, overdose prevention and intervention, and public education. Through this program, firefighters are providing Narcan kits containing nasal Narcan, protective gloves and information on PVD Safe Stations for those looking to enter recovery programs. The EMS Bicycle Unit is also equipped with an AED, oxygen, IV and over-the-counter medications.

This program is part of Mayor Smiley and Chief Silva’s commitment to building strong relationships within the community to improve and increase public safety.

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