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Your Providence Fire Department

Established in 1854, Providence is the second oldest professional fire department in the country and continues to set the standard for modern professional firefighting and emergency response while being regarded as some of the most aggressive and well trained in the country.

Providence Firefighter/EMTs play a crucial role in protecting the community by responding each year to over 42,000 emergency calls from families, friends and neighbors who are in need of our assistance in the most dynamic city in the State.

Whether responding to emergencies involving car accidents or heart attacks, house fires or technical rescues, violent incidents or a child choking Providence Firefighter/EMTs are there to protect lives and property in the community 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Non-emergency activities revolve around fire prevention through public education, building familiarity and inspections, plan reviews, code enforcement and arson investigations.

The men and women of the Providence Fire Department strive to live up to their motto “In Omnia Paratus” meaning “In all Things Ready” by delivering the best professional service with respect, dignity and a high sense of ethics to city citizens and visitors alike.

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